Are you looking for a show block to fit a special occasion? Something
festive and entertaining for your company's customer event? Or, for
a private family celebration?

Öff öff has animated countless such events; business parties, dinners,
openings of buildings and other special occasions. öff öff works on the
specific theme of your event for which it creates a unique show.
The theme can be interpreted through the use of aerial acrobatics
(silks, corde lisse, bungee acrobatics, wall-dance i.e. harness-work
or high-wire etc.) or/and as a site-specific performance in all the
dimensions of the given space.

The general style of performance - costumes and aesthetics and 
performance quality - will be adapted to the event in question
(poetic/sunny/tough etc.).

Flash is required!

Event in Ballylab Schönenwerd, 2010 (Video)
Press Conference Autosalon Geneva, 2010 (Video Bungee / Video Tubes)
Event in the Club "Haute", Zurich, 2008 (Video)
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