An öff öff speciality, synchronized group choreographies on the silks - already often seen as a solo number in circus shows - strengthens the impact of the image through multiplication! The artists climb high on vertically hung fabrics with the bare strength of their arms, then wrap the fabric around their bodies, making figures and shapes, rolls and drops. All this, precisely choreographed to music, grants an aesthetic and at times nerve-tingling watching experience. Tension stays until the last artist has safely reached the floor again. (Depending on the wish of the client, öff öff can of course also perform a solo number on the silks)

Technical requirements:

- Height: min. 5 m - max. 22 m
- Load bearing capacity of hanging point: min. 500 kg
- Hanging points per artist: 1


DZ Abstimmungsfest 2 Hansueli Schärer

Neue Messehalle NAHA 2+ wird eingeweiht

Neue Messehalle NAHA 2+ wird eingeweiht © Franziska Scheidegger





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