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Team Zwischen___räume

öff öff aerial dance feat. Mich Gerber, Dark SIde of the Dance

© Stéphane Schmutz - STEMUTZ.COM -

Aarau Sadtmuseum 2015 ©Thomas Nie

Aarau Sadtmuseum 2015 ©Thomas Nie

2013 Zürich Event_Luzia

2013 Zürich Event_Jenni

Jura_Zement 2013

Coming up: ZWISCHEN___BÄUMEN premiere August 2018 Seilpark Bern


Did you miss out on Zwischen___räume? Watch the trailer here!

The rehearsals for Zwischen___räume, öff öff's newest production, are in full swing!
Here a first teaser.

öff öff prepares a new outdoor production: Zwischen___räume.
Premiere: August 18, 7pm in Gundeldinger Feld, Basel.
Want to know more? Take a look here.

öff öff opens its season 2015 with the opening celebration show for Stadtmuseum Aarau: danse autour de... with Mich Gerber on April 24 at 6pm. We're looking forward to an eventful season, find all dates here.

öff öff aerial dance looks back on a succesful first year under a new direction and wishes an exciting and prosperous 2014 to all!

06.03.13 New workshop dates
The next aerial workshop takes place on April 27 and 28, in Thun.
More information here.

Heidi Aemisegger has led öff öff productions for eighteen years, during which time she created a series of groundbreaking productions which blended dance, circus and theater. Her work was characteristically innovative, imaginative and poetic.

Now, in a major change, Heidi Aemisegger has decided to withdraw herself from the leadership of öff öff. She leaves öff öff in the hands of five long-standing and accomplished company members, who have formed a collective with the name “öff öff aerial dance” and will lead öff öff to new heights.

Heidi Aemisegger gives thanks to the City and Canton of Bern and the many other institutions and individuals who have given their support over the years. She — and her team — are deeply grateful for the opportunity they have been given to create art and to share it with a broad public.

Greetings from the collective “öff öff aerial dance,”
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