Maja Brönnimann | Dancer

Born 1980 in Emmental, presently living in Bern. She studied dance at the Laban Centre in London as well as at the Berufsausbildung für Bewegung SBTG in Baden.

Currently, Maja is working with Brigitta Schrepfer's Somafon, Nicole Voyat, Anna Heinimann and Cie. inFlux (Lucia Baumgartner). She participated in several projects in Switzerland and abroad, including loutop-contemporary dance nomads, Kleintheater Luzern, and Cie Willi Dorner. She choreographed her own piece bazimmer in 2008. (Dampfzentrale Bern). She was a member of the board of TAP (Tanz Aktive Plattform Bern) from 2007 till 2010.

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