Autour de

a site-specific performance project from öff öff productions and Mich Gerber

In the performance format Danse autour de..., Heidi Aemisegger and her performers draw inspiration from the specific location where they are invited to perform. Such a location can be indoors or outdoors. The chosen place evokes unique movements and lends the performance a highly personal quality. Particular features in the surrounding architecture and landscape — such as roofs, towers, bridges, tall buildings, façades, trees, water, rocks, and staircases — as well as the general mood and any other site-specific qualities become the starting point for the creation of the performance.

And in the same way that the visual appearance of the location is coopted and mediated by the performers of öff öff, its acoustic qualities are utilized by Mich Gerber. The dancers are accompanied on their journey by his thrilling bass sounds, which resonate in unique ways in every place they are performed.

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