Orbite 2008

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Standing alone against the sky is the Luftstation, a giant metallic structure.
It is a windmill, of sorts, with massive iron wings shrouded in white.
Is it alive? What secrets does it keep? What could happen here?

The Luftstation has a crew of six. Together they listen to the whispering of
the metal giant. The call of the unknown is irresistible and they are drawn
up into its wings.  

As the crew move about the structure they discover a world with a set of
physical laws very different to our own. They have entered a labyrinth and
try to make sense of it.

With each step the crew learns the consequences of exploring this strange,
new world. Like David fighting Goliath they each struggle to control the
Luftstation. They fall, they fly, they dream and they love. This becomes
an intricate dance of human bodies partnering a metal giant.

Uniting their efforts the crew manage to tame the metal beast. Its wings
turn in perfect synchronicity at full speed. Two of the crew risk climbing
all the way up, reaching for the stars...

But don't those who climb the highest always risk falling the deepest…?

Rid of its human riders the wings of the majestic Luftstation make a final
orbit against the night sky before returning to rest once more.

Tour: Prague (CZ), Woking (GB), Athens (GR), Zaragoza (E), Schwerte (D),
Eindhoven (NL)












Festival GLOW Eindhoven_02

Festival GLOW Eindhoven_01

Industrial Art; een industrie terrein als projectiescherm.

Tanec Festival Prag_01

Tanec Festival Prag_02

Tanec Festival Prag_04

Tanec Festival Prag_03

Festival Schwerte_01

Festival Schwerte_02

Woking Dance Festival_03

Woking Dance Festival_02

Woking Dance Festival_01

Expo Zaragoza_02

Expo Zaragoza_01


Artistic Team
Artistic Director: Heidi Aemisegger, Jenni Arne (Co-Director)
Choreographer: Heidi Aemisegger in collaboration with the performers
Performers: Jenni Arne, Suzana Gomes, Mariusz Jedrzeijewski,
                  Marcel Leemann, Tae Peter, Lex te Dorsthorst
Lighting Design: Brigitte Dubach
Composer: Markus Gfeller
Live Musicians: Sophie Kummer, Andi Marti
Costume Designer: Claudia Güdel

Production Team
General Director: Heidi Aemisegger
Production Director, Tour Manager: Thomas Keller
Technical Director: Christoph Gorgé
PR and media: Annette Rutsch
Lighting Technician: Bastian Schiess
Sound Technician: Silas Bieri
Truck Driver: Jakob Büchler
Development and construction Luftstation: Motorsänger GmbH

Technical Support 
Toshiba, Sennheiser, Klein+Hummel

Local Partnerships
Prague: Festival Tanec Praha
Woking: Woking Dance Festival
Zaragoza: EXPO Zaragoza 2008
Schwerte: Welttheater der Strasse
Eindhoven: Festival GLOW

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