Co-Production with Zeitgenössische Oper Berlin, the contemporary opera
company of Berlin. Composition by Wolfgang Rihm (*1952). Wolfgang Rihm
is one of the biggest composers of our time. He has received several prizes
and distinctions for his work. His compositions are performed in opera houses
and concert halls all around the world next the likes of Wagner, Beethoven
and Mozart. Even the audiences that buy season tickets to concert halls,
normally so feared by contemporary composers, receive him with joy.
What's up with this contemporary composer? Does he try too hard to please?
Is his music harmonious? Is he shy of experimenting? Or is he himself already
a conservative who surrounds the listener with beautiful sound so badly missed
in the new music in general. His musical theatre “Séraphin“, which premiered
in 1996 in Stuttgart refutes such suspicions. Rihm calls it an attempt of a theatre
for voices/instruments/... The one who attempts, sets out on a search.
The one who searches, isn't conservative. The one who searches doesn't try too
hard to please in such a time as this where many primarily want to “have already
found“, not to search.“Séraphin“ is a fascinating search in motion in the direction
of theatre, in the direction of an unknown form of theatre.

Berlin (D), Zeitgenössische Oper Berlin, 2003
Venice (I), Biennale Venezia, 2005






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Cast and Credits
Musical Director: Rüdiger Bohn
Conception, Stage Designers: Sabrina Hölzer, Mirella Weingarten
Aerial concept: öff öff productions
Artistic Director of the Aerial Dance: Heidi Aemisegger
Dancers 2003 (Zeitgenössische Oper Berlin): Heidi Aemisegger, Jenni Arne,
Oliver Hirschi, Alexa v. Wehren
Dancers 2005 (Biennale Venice): Heidi Aemisegger, Jenni Arne, Alexa v. Wehren,
Pascal Siegrist, Lucie Pasquier
Actor: Miguel Angel Gaspar
Choir: Ulrike Andersen, Jörg Gottschick, Hye-jae Hwang, Maria Kowollik, Barbara
Rohlfs, Márta Rózsa, Elisabeth Umierski, Kai-Uwe Fahnert
Orchestra: Orchestra of the Zeitgenössischen Oper Berlin



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