the bridge

The immense arches and the imposing iron structures of the Kirchenfeld bridge in
Bern inspired öff öff to awaken the sleeping bridge into new life by creating a show
on it. “The Bridge” is an aerial spectacle with images ranging from the delicate
and poetic to the celebration of the explosive acrobatic scenes, all accompanied by
captivating live music.
A visual symphony on the theme “Man and Monument” - between dance, theatre and
circus. “The Bridge” was performed in the context of the Berner Tanztage Festival 2001.
The audience lies on deck chairs underneath the bridge and leaves only with great
reluctance at the end of the performance.

Venue: 9th of August 2001, Kirchenfeld Bridge, Shows 10th to 19th of August 2001






Cast and Credits
Artistic Director, Conception: Heidi Aemisegger
Choreographer: öff öff productions
Director: Micha Bergese
Performers: Heidi Aemisegger, Jenni Arne, Rico Grandjean, Oliver Hirschi,
Patrick Jackson, Regula Mahler
Live Musicians: Simon Hostettler, Hans Koch, Silber Ingold, Andi Hug
Costume Designer: Ursula Giger
Technical Direction: Eclipse
Production Manager: Thomas Keller

City of Berne, Canton of Berne, Community of Ittigen, OLMO, Brugg Drahtseil,
LOEB, Bleuel AG, Burgergemeinde Bern, Der Bund, Eclipse Technique de
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