Twins ahead

"Twins ahead" is a theatrical dance duet telling a story of twins separated
at birth, who meet later on in life. Through a narrow transparent PVC tube,
hanging from the ceiling, the baby twins glide into the world. Shortly after,
a mysterious cowboy lassoes one of the babies and abducts her. The other
twin, now alone in the world, searches for her sister. As the search proves
unfruitful, she resigns herself to a life alone.

Ten years pass.
The twins meet again by chance. First in distrust and disbelief, they fight for
their identity, only slowly accepting their likeness. From enemies to best friends,
into another argument followed by consolation and “happy end”.

With "Twins ahead", öff öff presents a vigorously performed piece of dance
about two nearly identical, yet autonomous human beings.

Premiere: 25th of March 2001, Schlachthaus Theatre, Bern.
Tour: Helsinki (SF), Basel (CH), Thun (CH), Luzern (CH), Winterthur (CH),
Verscio (CH).

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Cast and Credits
Idea, Choreographers: Heidi Aemisegger, Jenni Arne
Director: Caroline Antener
Dancers: Heidi Aemisegger, Jenni Arne
Performers: Rico Grandjean
Lighting Designer: Brigitte Dubach
Choreographical Advisors: Regula Mahler, Carole Meier
Costume Designer: Ursula Giger
Production Manager: Thomas Keller - Free Porn Downloads Erotic Porn; Passionate, Sensual Sex Videos | EroticaX