Aerial production from öff öff aerial dance
in co-production with Kantensprung AG/Gundeldinger Feld

Gundeldinger Feld is known for blind dinning, indoor climbing, beer in Werk 8. In August, the aerialists from öff öff rediscover the place. They move through the airs and explore the cubic meters above the ordinary. They discover free spaces between the established institutions and put the old machine factory poetically in scene. Dancing, floating, still.

Premiere: August 18, 2016       
Performances: August 19, 21, 26, 27
7 pm

Gundeldinger Feld, Basel

No tickets. Free contribution after the performance.
öff öff is dependent on your financial support.

Choreography: Alexa v. Wehren together with the performer
Performer: Rebekka Gather, Despina Goula, Flurin Kappenberger, Michaël Pascault, Julia Raynal
Guests: Mira Bräutigam, Sonny Crowden, Alena Lässer, Kayley Rickenbacher, Yoana Spiess
Music: Patrik Zeller
Costumes: Laura Woodtli
Light: Rock Light Basel

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